Three streets south of the railroad tracks in Waterloo will be closed to through traffic throughout July for construction.

After Forest Landscaping and Construction finalized the base work for the streets and sidewalks, Rennhack Construction began working on the construction of the concrete curbs and gutters on Jefferson, Polk and Leschinger streets June 27. All three streets are closed for through traffic.

The construction is expected to wrap up later this month, senior project engineer Mitch Leisses said in an interview with the Courier.

“With where we’re at right now and with the amount of work that we have left, we’re looking at finishing up at the end of July,” Leisses said.

Residents south of the railroad tracks should have received a notice from Rennhack about the timing of the construction and access to driveways, according to a release from Kunkel Engineering.

With the concrete work, residents won’t have access to their driveways for a period of seven to 10 days, due to the time required for the concrete to cure.

During the day, Rennhack is asking residents to park on side streets so the construction crew can work freely with their equipment and so concrete trucks have unobstructed access. At the end of the workday, residents can park closer to their homes but vehicles must be moved away again by 7 a.m. the next day.

Residents should contact Leisses at (920) 210-6330 or onsite inspector Nicholas Pilsner at (920) 382-9718 with any questions, comments or concerns.